pics... again :)

driving down the road today and felt like getting my hair chopped.
so here is the new do.
(picture by lilly... she LOVES taking pictures)

here is the little man at 3 months! gotta love those smiles :)

and lastly, a pic that well depicts the story of my life :)
love it.


Betty said...

You look great!
The last picture of the two angels is cute, fun and real!

Rorie said...

Love your new 'do!
That last picture is priceless. Poor Cohen looks like he's being tortured! :)

Janelle said...

Awww... love the pics of your sweet kiddos, and your new do looks great!!

ali said...

great haircut!!

what a loving big sister! she looks so proud!

Anonymous said...



denise said...

Great haircut! You look wonderful:) The pic of the kids is priceless!

Thanks for the great cookbooks that I won in your drawing. I've marked tons of recipes already! I really appreciate your kindness:)

Laura said...

Hey hunni bun! Ilove the cut! I cut all mine off about 6 weeks ago! So much easier,. I cant believe how much Clooks like L at that age! Sumthin about that smile! Cant wait for Wed! Yup Im shamelessly excited!

erin said...

LOVE the new do! Can't wait to see it in person! Look at Cohen's smile. So sweet! Miss you!

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