ive realized that doing things that make other people happy, is what makes me most happy.


-making a meal for new parents so they can put there time elsewhere besides cooking
-sending pictures in the mail
-giving away free stuff on my blog (which i plan to do again soon!)
-letting a neighbor have a stamp so she doesnt have to load up her 3 kids (age 2 and under) and go to the store
-writing thank you letters
-loaning my maternity clothes (a lot of which is handed down to me) so someone else can enjoy them
-having sales and specials over at MP
-playing with playdoh, coloring, drawing with chalk, and reading books.... all day long
-saying thank you for the little things (and the big things)


Betty said...

This is the true: happiness is not what we have is what we give.
"You are a big angel on earth"

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%!! I love making other people happy too!! It is such a great feeling.

Thanks for all the things you have done for me that have made me happy...

Fun mail, all your thank you, anniversary, b-day, and x-mas cards, pictures of the adorable kiddos, worrying about us when we were gone=), making us great scrapbooks, writing a great matron of honor speech, being a great friend, your cookouts, and a lot more other great things that you have done or do that make me happy.

Thanks Jen!


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