RAK time!

In celebration of…
-finding a pampered chef apple corer/slicer with it’s stand for $5 at a garage sale!
-my wedding ring fitting again
-being about 2 pounds shy of my pre-cohen weight
-not amputating lilly’s fingers today when the van door shut on them
-buying myself 3 new shirts and a pair of capris today (yes, I bought myself new clothes)
-getting some boy paper, alpha stickers and rub-ons at hobby lobby today (50% off with a gift card)
-getting MP DT applications :)
-the weekend being here!!

…I am having another RAK giveaway!

Check out the items below… if you are interested, post a comment, and mention the letter(s) of the item(s) you would like! If you’re the only one who wants it, you get it! If more than one person wants something, I will do a drawing for the item(s). You can mention more than one item... but I will only send out one RAK per person, I want to spread the love :)

Items A, B, and C are from swaps I hosted and then had ‘flakers’ (people who signed up and didn’t send me their part of the deal)… so I am spreading the ‘leftovers’ here! Some of you reading were in my swaps, so you already have these :)

The Martha mags, I had doubles from my sister… so I RAKing my extra ones here.

A. favorite movies rolodex cards (i have 2 sets of 3 different cards available, 3”x 5”)

B. sweet dips and spreads recipe layouts (4 different layouts in the set, 4.25”x 5.5”)

C.dips and spread recipe layouts (5 different layouts in the set, 4.25”x 5.5”)

D. July/August 2006 everyday FOOD magazine (fire it up!)

E. September 2006 everyday FOOD magazine (family favorites)

I will pick the RAK winners Monday... (7/23)

(Make sure to check back to see if you've won... especially if i don't have your address!!)

Happy weekend everyone!!


ali said...

I pick E... so glad you are doing great!!!!

Betty said...

I pick B...I love pampered chef. You got an excelent deal with the apple corer/slicer & good to hear the Lilly is fine.
Have a good weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen it is Lisa Ford Either B or c works for me. Have a great weekend.

denise said...

Poor Lilly! I'm so glad that she's okay. Awesome deal on the apple slicer! I pick E:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

If you haven't drawn yet, I pick B or C. I love your recipe layout cards. I use them a lot! Thanks.


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