quick pics.

quick pics before the weekend is here.

the 2 month picture.
smiles for daddy.
drawing people now!!
and the best for last...
i like to call this the 'hockey halter top' by lilly.
(if you dont know what shes wearing, you don't need to!)
if only she knew she wouldn't be wearing it.
she will love us when she's older :)


Rorie said...

Well, as long as it's clean, right? Such cute pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)

A Little Bit of Me said...
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A Little Bit of Me said...

Wow! your baby boy is really growing!. God bless you with a beautiful family for sure.

I just open my blog, I am new on this and I would like to know how did you add 3 or 4 pictures together. You did that for your 10th aniversary (10/06/05). I just love it.
You can replay me in the follow address sbbaldy@suddenlink.net

P.S. I love my stamps good product, keep it up!

Janelle said...

Your kiddos are just adorable! :)

rmeyfe said...

OMG too funny about the halter top!! It took me a second to figure it out!!

Cute pictures!! He is getting so big!

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