training and fairies

big brother in training :)
cohen has LOVED having a little one here during the week.
helping change diapers, and throwing them away.
cleaning up baby toys from the basement.
singing and saying... 'settle down kinsley'. so cute.
you name it. he is there to help!
lilly lost her 3rd tooth. finally.
(she lost her 1st last september. the second shortly after.)
 she lost it at school and she did awesome :)
she wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking for a fairy.
the kids have been searching high and low to see if a fairy stayed behind.
how did i manage to get these amazing kids?
i am one lucky lady. that is for sure.


Rorie said...

Looks like Cohen is well-prepared to be a great big brother. :)
Ah, now that I look closer at the picture of Lilly, I can tell that some of her other teeth are grown up teeth.

sarah said...

cohen is going to rock the big brother role - awesome!

and miss lilly. such a cutie, but that toothless grin just puts her over the top!

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