back to school 2011

the kids started back to school this week.
miss lillian is in 2nd grade this year!
 and mr. cohen is in his 2nd year of preshool.
in a transition room, which gets him good and ready for kindergarten :)
as much as the freedom of summer is nice...
it's great to be back in a routine too :)
we all made it through the first week!


Rorie said...

Hooray for back to school! We start next week and I'm just a little bit excited. :)
Can I just say that Cohen has the cutest dimply smile!

Mary said...

Second Grade, my favorite ;)I'm sure she'll do great!

sarah said...

they're getting so grown up! i love L in her glasses, and mr.C has the cutest dimples ever!

Jen said...

They look so happy! Great smiles!

And I love that denim dress with all the girly details....K would love it!

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