my beautiful girl

our beautiful little lady...
 sporting her new glasses :)
 and just as beautiful as ever.
 in so many ways :)
lilly couldn't wait to get her new glasses.
her very first pair.
dark purple with flowers on the inside.
daddy says he's going to water them.

i love your smile miss lilly.
and your style.
and your confidence.
and your heart.
you are one beautiful kid.
inside and out.


ali said...

Good choice! Those are so cute!

Deni said...

She is so beautiful! Just like her mama! And those glasses - SO ADORABLE! Tell her Miss Denise approves :)

sarah said...

she picked a great pair! she looks beautiful!!


Rorie said...

She looks so cute in those glasses!

Mary said...

So cute, the glasses too. I still remember my first pair, how cool I thought they were in 1985!! I wish mine had been purple ;).

Katy Cameron said...

Oh yes, very elegant and grown up

Katie said...

too cute! I despised my glasses at first but now I like them except sometimes.

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