600 post questions part 2

ok. we wont mention the amount of time it's been.
but im just now getting around to another answering of questions....
from way back when.

ooty1 (molly :) asks... What is your best parenting advice? And what is something you struggle with as a parent?  :)

Ah this question kicks my butt. I’d probably be able to come up with 100 different things to say. My best parenting advice… love your kids. Hug them and kiss them and let them know you are there for them. You are there to listen to them, teach them, support them, and cheer them on, build up their characters and their self-confidence and self-worth the best that you know how. Be honest with them. At all ages, tell them the truth at their level.  And also let them know that you are the parent… they are not in charge of you. Pray for your kids. Pray with your kids.
I struggle with just about every aspect of being a parent, but I try my best to be the best parent I know how to be. I struggle with the general aspect of raising them in today’s society. Trying to raise them above what is considered acceptable in today’s world. I struggle with worry... that I am not doing enough, that I cannot provide enough. I struggle with giving them 100% of me… or at least the good parts me. I struggle with my own self-confidence and the last thing I want is for that to rub off on them. I struggle with patience, and control. To name just a few ;)

Julie P. asks... What is your favorite family meal to make? Are you planning on making your own baby food this time? If you do I can probably give you a few pointers for once :)
mmm… my favorite meal to make? Too many J I love soups. Chimmichangas and burritos. Salads. Pastas. Cinnamon rolls. (that’s a meal, right?) Home made mac and cheese. I cant pick just one.

And YES!! Totally planning to make baby food for the new little one. so excited!! I’m sad I didn’t even consider it for the first two, though they were both on table food by 11 months. And yes Julie, I will definitely come to you for baby food ideas!!

Sam said... OOO, I love these kind of contests.  Okay, what are your top five musical groups/artists? (in no particular order)

Ah!! Another tough one. I like music. A lot. My variety is quite interesting. Not quite compatible even. And I don’t typiclaly go for just groups/artisits… I’m more of a song lover. sorry sam :( I cant comfortably just list 5 groups so… if you will, here is a splash of randomness into my music taste. Beauty in the World by Macy Gray, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, How He Loves by David Crowder Band (thought i like most all of theirs), What I Am by Will.I.Am, California Love by Dr. Dre and 2Pac, No Rain by Blind Melon, I like Alicia Keyes and Counting Crows. I like the Plain White T’s for 1,2,3,4 and Hey There Delilah. Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas, No Diggity by Black Street. Missy Elliot is cool, so is Francesca Battisstelli. Corrine Bailey Rae. Mmmm, James Taylor. Gwen Stephani. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. Heartless. Gold Digger. Chris Rice. Oh yikes. See how all over the place I am here? I could list them by the pages. For real. I think I may have lost more readers after this one…

arminda said... I know you're a busy gal...what do you do to unwind? :)

Ah. Sit on the couch and watch tv. or sew. Occasionally I will read.

sarah said...    congrats on 600 posts!  my two questions were already asked... 1.) tell us more about this baby on the way! and 2.) how do you relax - you are one busy gal!

The baby :)  This baby has been in our hearts for a very long time. We waited a long time before we decided that we really for sure wanted another. We did a lot of thinking it over. Discussing. Contemplating. Praying. Thinking. Wishing. Wondering. Asking. And now this little human being is growing inside my belly. (ok… uterus. Belly sounds much more fun.)

Relax… ah :)  see the above to arminda's question... but add cook/bake and eat to that too :)

Rita said...  What was the last movie you went to see?  Is Dave a willing helper in changing diapers?

The kids and I went to see Rio at the dollar theater. It was cuter than I thought it was going to be :)
Dave and diapers :)  Good question!! And it has a 2 part answer ;) Yes, Dave is definitely a great helper and willing to change diapers :) (it's actually weird for me to even think there are daddies out there who dont help...)  For the first 2 he was very helpful with diapers, but really he is a very good helper in all parts of being a daddy. Now for part 2 of the answer… I am considering cloth diapers with baby 3, and he isnt too fond of the idea. But… I haven’t done a ton of research yet, and don’t know exactly the route we will go… so I can’t say his willingness for sure yet on this baby ;) disposables… yes. Cloth… TBD :)

Krysty said... What inspired you to cut your hair? Did you think about it forever or did you just chop it off? I love it! :)
Ah... the inspiration? A gift certificate that I got for mother’s day (or my bday I don’t recall its been so long ago). I just get in the mood to chop it off about once a year ;) and a gift certificate makes it even easier!!

alright so there it is! the 2nd part of the answers to the question all you awesome readers left on my 600th post.  the next group should bring in the rest of the answers.  whenever i get to it ;)


Rorie said...

I love your parenting advice. Something I am constantly working on - over and over and over again, LOL!
My friend does cloth diapers and she loves it. She's found a lot of good deals for them on ebay, I think.
We'll have to share ideas and things with homemade baby food. I'm planning on doing it this time around. We'll see how it goes!

Kelli Blinn said...

If you need any pointers, I made all of my daughter's baby food and we have cloth-diapered since birth. I'd love to talk your ear off about either or both!

Sam said...

My, that is an eclectic taste in music that spans more genres than it seems there is. Very cool.

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