i cannot stand sitting still.
it is really hard for me to do.
yes, i sit a relax and watch TV at night...
but i get up during the commercials.
to do something.
there is always something to be done.
or too much on my mind.

but this baby has other ideas.
this baby is making me sit down a lot more.
and put my feet up. and really rest.

i'm not a big reader.
but ive been reading.
ive read 4 books in the past two months.
it usually takes me 4 years to read 2 books.

i get books at garage sales. surprise.
yes, i know i could get them at the library too... but i dont love deadlines.
(and most of you who know me know that a nook or other electronic reader is definitely not a part of my world at the time being)

so here is a stack of books i've read more recently.
and they are looking for new readers.
if you want one (or two or three). they are yours...
for real, ill get them to you by hand or mail.
i'm on the lookout for more good ones to read.
and i'd gladly accept any good handme downs :)

next up.  the last 'new' book in my pile...
the lovely bones.
which i may or may not be able to read.
we will see if i can handle it without any creepy dreams.


Anonymous said...

I thought Lovely Bones was a great read. Reading the Hunger Games series now. Can't put them down. I have lots of good authors if you're interested.
Love, Aunt T

Katie said...

I'm not a big reader either. I actually read like 4 books this winter given to me by a friend. I'll have to see where I put them and send them your way.

sarah said...

my three favorites so far this year were: the help, water for elephants and little bee.

unfortunately the first two are kindle books and the third was a library book so i can't share :(

happy reading!

Missy said...

I LOVED The Time Traveler's Wife. LOVED. BAWLED. :)

Melissa W said...

I'll trade you a few for The Memory Keepers Daughter. :)

Kalyan said...

I'm real jealous of your collection...how I wish one of those...loved your poetic narration.

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a reader either. It takes me forever to finish a book. I just read a great book jaycee duggard story. Great book but very disturbing. I would love to read the time travlers wife (which i don't have yet) and the Help! Keep on reading :) miss ya


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