so our trip to NYC... we really did have sooooo much fun.
the city really is amazing, not to mention that my sister lives there :)

for me, that is what the trip was about... visiting my sister.
she spoiled us all.

here are some pics and stories to document the trip.
i am genuinely sad (mad) i didnt take more pictures... of more of the places we went.
(like all the places we ate, the markets, china town, dave and i at Chicago, and a picture of dave at all would have been nice.)

oh well, i'll get over it... just another reason to go back someday. i am however slowly forgiving myself for not getting more pics... well, because i was trying to keep track of a 2 year old in NYC. i suppose that is a bit more important than fulfilling my scrapping desires. on to the trip...

first stop... MSLO, workplace of my sister.

VERY VERY cool environment... white, glass, clean lines, fun organization... with hints of color and creativity everywhere... we got to see the test kitchen and some studios... so much fun. we got to meet quite a few of my sister's co-workers... all of whom were so so so friendly and nice. beautiful people. inside and out.

then, dinner here... dallas BBQ. dave loved it... i'm not a big BBQ fan, but it was good.

ok, what next. (not sure that i'll be going in order anymore...)

let's just keep talking about food...
(can i say that i have been craving these next 2 places since we got home... and probably will continue to do so until i go back.)

zen palate
i had MOO SHU FANTASIA (Sauteed shredded cabbage, carrot, glass noodles, mushrooms and soy protein. Served with 4 wheat crêpes) and this. um... yeah. my sister also introduced us to 'edamame'... soy beans.... yummmmm. for real, they are great, i just tracked some down at whole foods market here in town :)

omg... seriously people... it was sooooooooo delicious.

don giovanni
here i had... Spaghetti alla Carbonara - Bacon, Onions, Cream Sauce ... tasty and sinful... hey, i was on vacation!!

do yourself a favor, and eat at both of these places if you ever go to NYC. you'll thank me later :)

we also ate at bubba gump's. im not much for fish, but dave said his mahi mahi was the best he's ever had.

melissa surprised mom and i with pedicures, tasti d-light (YUMM!! yeah, you better get yourself some of this too), and some yummy chocolates... as a belated mother's day gift. soooo much fun to be pampered! oh, and i also got some fun scrapbook goodies at a very fun paper store with my bday gift certificate from my sister :)

the subway... an interesting experience. or what lilly likes to refer to as 'noisy'... and said 'i'm ready' every time it made a stop...

time's square...

ok, i think that is all for now!! (i've been writing this entry over the past 3 days... so i think i better post it now!!) plus, lovely blogger is not letting me add anymore pics at the moment, so ill post more. separately. later.

have a great weekend!!


Trish said...

wow jen! it sounds like you had a great time. i would love to go to NYC someday. the pics you posted look cool and im sure you have more to post and say. welcome home though. i missed reading your blog.

ali said...

I love seeing the pics! Lilly in front of the paint sample wall is cool. Can't wait to see more! Can we do a slide show on your TV?

Anonymous said...

loce the picture of lilly in front of mslo. Karen

Katie Jones said...

Looks like a wonderful trip.

Rorie said...

So far it sounds like you had a blast. Love the picture of Lilly on the subway. The other "fun" thing about subways is coming off smelling like stale urine and who knows what else. Mmmm. :)

Rowarrior said...

Pics are great, even if you didn't get as many as you wanted, love the ones of Lily in front of the paint pallette wall and on the subway :o)

erin said...

I love all of your pics. My favorites are of Lilly with the paint wall and on the subway. You should have lots of fun scrapping these. Isn't it true we always have high hopes to take tons of pictures? Guess it is more important to "live" it. Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen,

How fun! It sounds like you guys did have a lot of fun and visited quite a few places while you were there. How was Chicago? The pic of Lilly in the subway is hilarious! Tell her that Dan doesn't like the subway either. (Well I don't care for it much myself, but he had to ride on it alone when he met me in NYC, and it wasn't the greatest 'welcome to NYC' experience) =) Have fun scrapbooking!! Can't wait to see more of our pictures or at least hear more about it. Talk to you soon.


Missy said...

oh it looks like you had FUN!!
I love that pic of lilly in front of the wall. TOO COOL :)

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