happy mosey day

'happy mosey day mommy'
'happy mosey day daddy'
'happy mosey day gamma'
'happy mosey day birdies'

yes... lilly can't leave anyone out :)
(and that's 'happy mother's day' in lilly language... if you weren't quite sure.)

dave and lilly got me a gift card for a massage at The Spa at River Ridge. LOVE this place. NEED a massage... badly. can't wait till school is out so i can drop lilly off with dave for lunch and be pampered!! and i might even get some new teeth... lol. well, not from the spa of course. we will see what the dentist has to say when i go in.

we had a nice weekend... went home and saw both sets of parents, as well as a handful of friends. it's so hard to see and do all while we are home for less than 48 hours, but we try our best to rotate and do the best we can!!

we even saw joe gatchell, if you don't know who that is...well, you are missing out. we got a pic of him on the cell phone, but im not sure that we know how to get that to the computer. ill have to do a 'meet joe gatchell' post someday. and in the meantime, you will just have to wonder....

...oh, we solved (well, we were hinted towards) the post-it note bandits. not at all who we thought but rather some friends from BG who we had no idea were passing through columbus. these are 2 grown adults, with 2 adult sons... by they way. educated, sophisticated, artsy, and very creative. yeah... here's how professional they are... but obviously very very fun:) who else would post-it note someone's house. they crack me up. (and if you are reading, jan and carol, sorry we thought one of you had kid writing!! hehehe)

oh yes, now that i have a few BIG things crossed of my list (and ill have a little time to put together some kind of goodie)... i NEED to draw a name for my 'contest' back on april 30th... im such a slacker.... i'll do that right now!!

the winner is... TRISHA!!
(ill be sending you something in the mail soon!!)

k... sorry no pics in this post...
ill have to aim for that next time around!

have a great week everyone :)


Rorie said...

Congrats, Trisha! :)
And "happy mosey day" Jen. :)
Have fun at the spa.

erin said...

Sweet gift! I am jealous!

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