nice to meet you

since i dont have time to post my pic with all my garage sale goodies right now... i thought id share the newest of lilly's sentences :)

a while back we taught her how to say "nice to meet you!"
sometimes she'll even throw in a little hand shake...

so cute... as said by lilly...

"nice to mee chew!"
"nice to mee chew daddy!"
"nice to mee chew mommy!"
"nice to mee chew juicy!"
"nice to mee chew duck!" (said to a pic of a duck on a box at the store)
"nice to mee chew poopy!" (said to, well...)

yes, you read that right... our polite little darling, has a great sense of humor, and has formally introduced herself to her poopy. (which was in her potty, which is a good thing...)

but now, she says this randomly (like tonight in the grovery store), because she knows we think it's funny and we are trying hard to be good parents by telling her... "lilly, that is not nice. we don't talk about our poopy in public." (when really dave and i are looking at each other thinking..."oh my gosh!! she is HILARIOUS!! bwahahahha!!)

so... "nice to mee chew poopy!" has topped the list of lilly's creative sentencing thus far. can't wait to see what else she enlightens us with :)


Rorie said...

LOL! She is great! Just wait til she asks some random stranger if they have a certain body part. In a really, really loud voice. :)

Missy said...

oh my gosh- that's GREAT!
And I am so jealous of you and the potty training ;)

erin said...

Oh, I give a million dollars to hear this!

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