i {heart} garage sales

since i didn't really get to garale sale last weekend...
and i probably wont this weekend...
here is the garage sale loot from 2 weekends ago...

7 kid books
3 chairs
1 lawnmower
2 storage containers
1 orange GAP bag
6 shirts for me (Old Navy and Gap)
2 frames
2 journal books
3 little people
1 gate
25 cooking light magazines
1 blue jackets jacket
1 pair of sandals
LOTS of clothes (gap, old navy, children's place...)for lilly...

GRAND TOTAL... $32.00

now you KNOW that GAP bag cost more than $32.00 itself!!

i love garage sales...


Rorie said...

What an awesome haul! That gate looks very familiar! Dh and I used to own one just like it. :)

erin said...


Anonymous said...

Cool finds. Karen

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