my first real quilt

i'd been wanting to make a real quilt for a long time.
real as in... pieced, and batted, and quilted together.
(ive made rag quilts before, but they are a little less complex.)

my sister got married in march last year.
a quilt!  handmade with love.
i think that would make a perfect wedding gift.
we went out and got the fabric right away.
and finally put it together. in november.
while 8 months pregnant :)
a fun swirly stitch in red.
the top.
the back.
it's by all means imperfect.
the kids helped with pinning, and unpinning.
and pushing the sewing pedal, and laying out pieced strips on the floor.
dave helped stretch and tape down and pin the layers together.
all 4 (5) of us helped put it together with lots of love.
so i guess that does make it quite perfect.
packed tight in a box and mailed to brooklyn to its new home.
my favorite of the fabrics is the one i call peacock.
i reserved some to make a nursing cover :)
which has already been put to good use.
i'm itching to make another quilt.
someday :)


arminda said...

Oh my goodness Jen it's gorgeous!! :) I LOOOOVE the fabrics you chose and I really adore the way you have it all put together! Did you follow a pattern or just come up with this on your own? :) You are such an inspiration. :)

Rorie said...

That quilt is so pretty! You are so talented. :)

Jen said...

Put together with love definitely makes it perfect!

Katie said...

Love it!

Make many more And then come to Indianapolis and hang out with me and my quilting friends they are truly awesome and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

jen, this is gorgeous! and the fact that everyone had a hand in making it makes it even better.


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