where has all the blogging gone?

the blogging has fallen by the wayside.
though i still think about it a lot.
i wish i posted as much as i used to.
recipes. and crafts. and vides. and conversations.

i said i wouldnt join facebook, in fear of not blogging anymore.
i was right.
the ease of facebook (and the less amount of time i have now) is keeping me from blogging.

and then i went and joined pinterest.
another (fun) waste of my time.
but, we need to have some fun, right?

here are a few pics to share for those of you who are blog only readers :)
 the little man is already a month old.
where can i find more time?


Jen said...

Gee I wonder? : ). Enjoy it and blog when you can...but enjoy every second with that cutie!

Welcome to Rügrat Dēsign ! said...

when you find it....share!

Rorie said...

If you find it, let me know. :)

Katie said...

you will find it! I want to get a better blogging from my phone app.

PS There are many things I do not post to facebook as they are really only for people interested in reading my blog.

Betty said...

OMG! I just look all your new pictures and all of them are beautiful! I really love the one of Lili holding your baby. She looks so sweet. You have been bless with a beautiful family, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

My dear there won't be more time to find. Take it from experience. If need be you will learn to do things into the wee hours of the night. Take naps when you can. Until you "find' that time, don't worry about it. We all know you're busy. I've been there, done that. Love you! Aunt T
PS: Weston is an amazing mix of his big sister and brother! So cute!

Swedish Mama said...

Love you Jen, and your wondeful family. Blog when you can, we will be here, and enjoying when you do. I agree, FaceBook is quicker, but not as personal or indepth as a blog. See you, on yours, mine or another we both read.

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