NHL debut

one of cohen's hockey coaches invited him (and dave) to skate in a skills
competition between periods at a columbus blue jackets game,
to represent the junior jackets skating program.
cohen is probably the CBJ's biggest 4 year old fan... and given this awesome opportunity we couldn't say no.  though it was a school night, we decided that this was one time the kids could stay up past their bedtime.
i think i was more nervous and excited than the boys.
i am proud to report that i did not cry.
though i'm not sure my smile could have gotten any bigger.
to say that i am proud is an understatement :)
(fyi: cohen is the little guy with the white jersey, skating on daddy's team)
(more pictures coming soon...)


ali said...

That was awesome!!! What a great little skater!!

Katy Cameron said...

So, uh, how much grief did Dave get for that late start then? WTG Cohen on his goal too :o)

Anonymous said...

soooooo cooooool!!!!!!!!!!! Go Cohen go!! Love, Aunt T

Lindsey said...

That was amazing! Cohen is so cute on his skates, and so awesome that he scored! Loved seeing it, thanks for sharing!!

Katie said...

Oh little Cohen is growing up too fast.

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