pics to share

sorting through my february file of pictures to print and found a few good ones to share :)

the masked wondergirl.

and not to be left out... little backward masked wonderboy.

all bundled up with her new haircut.
i told lilly she looked like kit kittredge :)
love this pic.

mr. bone wild.
wearing his sister's boots.

wearing other people's shoes is a big deal around here.

only cohen can get away with this look :)

if you haven't already checked it out, i do have a Q&A link set up to the right. so if you do leave a question, i'll try to get back with you!!

and... i have 1.5 openings left in the chain of love party. (1.5 because i think katie needs to post on her blog yet?)

also... i've recently set my blog so that if any comments are left 4 days after the post being commented on, i have to approve it before it will be shown. i had been getting some 'comments' left for purses, nike airs (ha!), jewelry... junk comments basically :) so... keep commenting, but i may have to approve it depending on how many days after the post you are commenting!!

have a good day :)

it's spring here today. let's hope it lasts a while...


Rorie said...

Spring is just the best season, isn't it? Minus the allergies, but still.
Love Cohen in those boots. :)

Jen said...

Love the boots...hee hee!

Erin McGraw said...

Love the new pictures and adore the new haircut. My daughter abby got her haircut like that last fall and i loved it. Have a great week!!

Katie said...

yikes I do need to post! i'm sorry I have been busy like nobody's business I will do it now.

Rita said...

Aww, just look at them little cutie pies!

Nicole and Sanjay said...

Too Cute!!!

Swedish Mama said...

Your kids personalities truly shine through in the pictures, or maybe it is cuz I know them. I do miss seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

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