sorting laundry

conversation while dave was sorting laundry to be washed.

d: how many times do you wear your pants before you wash them?
me: look up at dave in silence. then laugh.
d: what?
me: i wear them until they are peed on, pooped on, spit up on, or they are crusted with food, formula, and/or not limited to playdoh, boogers, and anything else not completely solid :) which is usually about 1 day. sometime less than one day, sometimes more (though usually if it's more than one day, there is something hidden on them that i dont notice until i put them on for the 2nd time)
me: why?
d: it just seemed like there were a lot of pants in here.

thank you sweetie boy :)
for washing my pants ;)


Rorie said...

Wow, your hubby does laundry? How awesome! :)
And yeah. Mommies go through clothes pretty quickly. Long gone are the days when I could wear an outfit more than once before having to wash it.

erin said...


arminda said...

This is too funny! :)

Gina said...

ha ha, men!!

Swedish Mama said...

Man questions..so much fun to hear, I can so imagine Dave asking, so serious in his asking.

Good job Dave, thanks for being a great husband and Dad to my dear friend and kids.

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