titles are back!

yahoooeee. so i fixed one thing. got my title bar back :)
funny how i broke out the html... and compared and searched over and over...
and all it was was a little click of a 'yes/no' button... arg.

now if only i could find those darned MIA items...

got my top braces on this afternoon.
fun stuff. im looking hotter than ever. ha.
at least i got those stinkin spacer rubber bands out.
man, i was itching to pull those things out myself.

i did however get new glasses over the weekend...
and if i do say so, i am feeling a bit trendy.
i havent had my 'own' pair of glasses for about 10 years.


thought id answer a few questions from my faithful blog readers, or better yet i should call you my faitful blog commenters (((HUGS ladies)))

(if anyone is still reading this lengthy post)

Denise asks... How did you make that banner? Seriously?!

well, i made the banner in photoshop... that part is fun for me, but i didnt get to crazy like some do. then you have to add it to a photo host and put it into your html template. here is the blog post where i got the best direction from... **i am sure i could be easily talked into making and adding VERY simple banners to blogs of people who ask nicely :)**

Rorie said... I don't even know how to add pictures to my blog.

heheh... you are so funny! if you can post at IDOS, you can surely post here!! see that little picture of the mountains(?) and blue sky above the text box?? click and wallah.. you will know what to do :) and i expect to see some little joey pics on your blog soon!!

Missy said... let me know if you need ANYTHING :) and lilly has another boyfriend??

yes, please eat some M&Ms for me. i havent had one in a whole week!! that is a world record for me :)

and yes, to be honest, lilly has several boyfriends. josh and her have the longest relationship though... they are utero buddies. fetal friends... lol. theyve been together since the VERY beginning :)

ali asks...I love the pictures! Can you send us some? and Where did Lilly meet this lion?

yes, i will send you some... soon? i dont know... lol. its on my never ending list of things to do... and the lion, from darby dan farms. cool cool place.

erin asks... I am wondering what the grey box looking thing is in your picture of new sb goodies (on the right). ???

those are chipboard letters :) i used them on a LO, but i am waiting to share it for a while

Karen says... Good luck with the braces. Did they ever suggest just a retainer?

no, never mentioned it. my overbite is too bad... and mean, its beating up my lower teeth. i did actually have a retainer for fixing my overbite when i was in grade school. i guess it wasnt a permanent fix :(

ok.... to all who have made it this far... grab a tissue and check this out.
i found it on a blog i was stalking the other day, and now its starting to pop up everywhere. awesome awesome awesome.


Missy said...

boo hiss on the braces.
I will SURELY eat some m&ms for you, my dear :)

Rorie said...

Thanks for the info on how to add pictures. I might get my family to actually read my blog if there are pictures of Joey on it. :)
Funny thing, I just barely read Ali Edwards' blog and she posted a link to the same video you did. Love that video, makes me cry every time.

erin said...

Can't wait to see the new specks and braces!

Haven't checked out the link yet, but it sounds like it is definitely worth seeing.

To your never ending list of things to do, please add: Teach Erin how to make a cool banner. (You can do this on the full week it will take to straighten out my computer, get my scanner working, teach me how to add my own links, and other techy related stuff LOL!

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

Thanks for the info on creating banners! I will see if I can figure it out. You are very sweet for offering to be persuaded into making banners for your fan club. I may have to take advantage of that if I can't figure it out. Show us your new glasses sometime!

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