oh my dear lillian...

Before you read this entire story…
let me first point out a few things.

1. lilly has a lot of nicknames… one happens to be Poopsicle, another… Poop Monster (both of which she has had for quite some time now…)

2. on occasion (a few times a week)… we get lilly up from her nap, or in the morning, and she has poop smeared in random places… her clothes, her sheets and bumper, her cheek…

3. dave has seriously considered duck taping lilly’s pants to her at night

4. some things just aren’t meant to be forever remembered in a photograph

So, last night… we get lilly ready for bed… dave has her all bundled up in a warm fuzzy yellow one piece sleeper with feet, a zipper, and a snap at the top. He makes a comment, something to the sort of… “you’ve got your 'poop stopper PJs' on tonight”… and all is well.

I go up to check on her around 10:30pm… she is laying asleep in the corner on her back, like normal… only this time… her PJs are unsnapped and unzipped down to her diaper. "oh how cute" I think… “hey dave, come look at your daughter!”…he comes up, chuckles… zips her back up… and all is well (oh we should have known then…)

Morning rolls around… it’s a little before 7 and lilly is awake, but happy… and isn’t whining to get out of her crib. Again… nothing too strange about that, beside the fact that she is usually ready to get up by 6:15… who knows, maybe she was tired?

She starts whining, so I go in to get her and the fun begins (at least for us… lilly’s fun evidently started a while before me entering her room.) I am overtaken by the smell of poo… again. Although this time the scent is much more… Then I get closer to my cute little darling… (mind you I cant see squat because my glasses and contacts are in the other room) I see lilly… sitting up… no top on. Diaper about 95% off…PJs down to her little feet… and I’m sure you can guess the rest. POOP EVERYWHERE… and I mean everywhere… I’m not even going to list the places it was, because everywhere means everywhere. (well, I think the wall was clean… and the carpet). However there was a main ‘spot’… we think that was the place mistaken for the diaper/toilet. Oh my... my dear child.

I don’t think this image will ever leave my mind. Yes, the thought crossed my mind… do I get the camera? No...that is just wrong. but, daddy needs to see this.

"dave… come see your daughter" (me)
"lilllllyyyy" (dave)
"poop" (lilly)
"who do you want... her or the bed?" (me)
"I'll take the bed" (dave) (yeah... there really isn’t a better one to chose here)

so I take the poop monster to clean her up in our tub. Dave comes in and shows me her diaper… its soaking wet… but no poop. oh my goodness.

The poop monster is now clean and shiny, with only a trace of stink left behind... and we are crossing our fingers that she does not strike again. was this a conscience effort, or an accident while sleeping... that is only for lilly to know, and for us to question :)


erin said...

Oh my!

mom said...

Jen and Dave --I bet she knows what she's doing. How funny. This will be a great story to tell when she gets older.

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! This is why grandchildren are more fun!

Ali said...

I hope the Poopmonster does not strike my house!

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