busy busy

ok... so i have this HUGE project going on right now (plus tons of other 'little' projects in between)... and i shouldn't even be taking a break, but i want to. some of you know about this project.. if you do, keep it on the down low (and feel special that you know about it), because it's a BIG SECRECT that we hope to share with everyone the beginning of the new year... and no, it is not a sibling for miss Lillian (for those of you who were thinking that, and i know some of you were....) anywho... i may not be as good with updating this blog thing in the next several weeks. just wanted you all to know i have not fallen off the face of the earth... because i know everyone is just worried sick about me...lol. ok... a happy picture for your viewing pleasure...

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Anonymous said...

Love the outfit Lilly is wearing. Good luck with your project.

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