jen needs...

i saw this on a random blog. here is how to play... go to google and type in your name and needs behind it, then hit search. (for me... 'jen needs'... for bob 'bob needs'...) then copy and paste the first 10 statements you find... too much fun :)

here are my "jen needs..." statements... gotta love em!
amazing how so many of them just 'fit'...

Jen needs some help.
Jen needs a break.
Jen needs to get back to reality.
Jen needs to be a My Little Pony!
Jen Needs taking out for fun.
Jen needs your help.
Jen needs to have another baby.
Jen needs to write a campaign.
Jen needs this, and she thinks Jack would agree.
Jen needs all that makeup because she’s not that attractive and sadly, is not aging well
Jen needs to lighten up a bit though.

...and i just couldnt stop there... "jennifer needs..."
oh my... these are good.

Jennifer needs a cold shower.
Jennifer needs a smack daddy.
Jennifer needs to keep on improving.
Jennifer needs space.
Jennifer needs the earth energy in her life to learn how to ground and be more practical.
Jennifer needs heavy visual depiction of her subject in order for it all to work.
Jennifer needs to be charged for her crime.
Jennifer needs time to heal.
Jennifer needs an adviser with exceptional listening skills.
Jennifer needs to check her Palm Pilot to tell you what she’s doing from day to day.
Jennifer needs a makeover.
Jennifer needs extraordinary help right now.
Jennifer needs to let her creative juices flow.

ok... erin and missy (not my sister missy)... you need to do these on your blogs :) everyone else should do the same and have a little fun... (and feel free to share your needs with me...)

oh, and where are my 10 questions? (thank you erin for humoring me!) see post below...


erin said...

Hey Jen, I did this and am a little confused. I found other "Erin's" and where they wrote about what came up for them. Sounds fun, but I need help! (Maybe that is my first need!)

erin said...

Ok, 2nd comment on this one. After looking, I think I know what I am suppose to do. :) But, I think Erin needs to go to bed really early tonight. LOL! More to come later.

Missy said...

say what?
OK... I will try chiquita ;)

Levi said...

okay, i'll do this. thanks jen for the google info! pretty funny

heather said...

i tryed it.. heres what happened:
1- heather needs men (go figure!!)
2- heather needs two therapists
3- heather needs a rest
4- heather needs a childhood
5- heather needs a family who will commit to her one hundred percent

weird and not much insight but was fun!!

Trish said...

Trish needs an intervention

Trish needs to take a tip

Trish needs to get away

Trish needs time off

Trish needs more care

Trish needs to get out more

Trish needs to gather information

Trish needs to pass

Trish needs some quiet time

Trish needs counseling

Trish said...

I forgot to say that some of them apply and some don't but it was fun to find out what i need

ali said...

Here are some of my best-

Alison needs...

two annual reports
a passport photo for his US visa
to find birth father
to get in touch with the insurance people
help drying copper chloride
all the help he can get
body guards
4 million squid to make his new film Boka
to fix the HUGE bags under her eyes
virtual volunteers to help the abused neglected, and injured animals

Or if I type Alison needs...

males for her art
older men for her art
a team of committed people to pray for her ministry
more attention
to find something that will give her energy
will be met at our 1/2 day kindergarten program

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