weston's 1st skate

the little man has been walking for quite a while now.
it's only right to get him in his skates.
 lilly, cohen, and weston all wore these skates their first time out.
size 6 bauer beavers.
 the skates fit, so...
it's time to hit the ice.
 he absolutely loved it.
smiled and 'stepped' almost the whole time.
(lilly and cohen were less than thrilled their first time out...)
 we took him off the ice every now and then...
(to save mommy and daddy's backs)
and he'd point and say 'more more more'.
i think we have another little hockey player in the works.
melts my heart...
the family that skates together stays together :)


Katie said...

omg! i just love this little guy - he looks so cute.

Rorie said...

Wow, that is so cute! And wow, he's walking and talking! Wow, just, wow. :)

Sam said...

This post makes me smile so much.

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