habit list

i've got a fancy new app.
(i treated myself.)

habit list.

you can add things to do...
and cross them off as you are done.

i like lists.
i really like crossing things off my list.

i added 'blog' to my list for 2 days a week.
it popped up today... and here is my blog.


don't forget to add your email in the 'follow' by email box on the right if you want updates when i post!  you'll add your email, then they will have you do a word verification, then they will email to have you confirm.  confirm and wallah... email updates! (i did it with my email to try it out, it works. yes... a few annoying steps, but once and you are done!)


Katie said...

good luck with the lists! I love lists but I find those on the phone I'm not as useful at crossing off! I can't wait for more blogging!

Rorie said...

I love making lists. I'm also really good at losing said lists. :)
Yay for blogging twice a week! :)

Mary said...

Love the app, glad your back :)

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