green and goodness

i'm stitching, which means i can type while i wait.
and watching big brother.
im running back and forth between the couch, the computer and the machine :)

my embroidery list keeps growing.
my 'everyday' list is growing as usual.
but that is good.
i like knowing that i have things to do.

last weekend was so fun.
i scrapped 17 pages!!
i'll share sooner or later :)

here are the little leprechauns.

and a yummy sandwich :)
a special treat that we don't make too very often.


we got this recipe from a lady i used to teach with.
(teachers always have GREAT recipes!)
this one is a little different than your 'normal' reuben.

it uses coleslaw (yumm) instead of sauerkraut (yucky).

so the layers are like this.

-rye bread (buttered on one side)
-corned beef
-swiss cheese
-thousand island dressing
-rye bread (buttered on one side)

grill on the stove just like grilled cheese :)

enjoy the rest of your week!


Janelle said...

You have adorable leprechauns!! I love Lilly's socks! :)

I am going to have to try that recipe... I hate sauerkraut, but like everything else on a reuben!

Rorie said...

That sandwich sounds pretty good and we even have some corned beef here. No rye bread though.
BTW, Joey LOVES the shirt you sent to him. He gets such a kick out of the fact that it's so big on him.

Krysty said...

Yummy sandwich! I LOVE reubens and always like to try new stuff! THanks for sharing and love the Irish pics! :-)

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