new food

2013 brings some big changes.
like my new revelation.

i like food. yes. a lot.
but i like myself more.

so i'm not eating anything i want in any quantity i want anymore.
i'm actually paying attention.
and i am working out. for real working out.
and this is a good thing.

here are a few good foody finds.
keepers for sure.
sounds weird. but it's very tasty!!
all the kids loved it. dave too :)

delish!! i make this a lot...

and i am good and only make enough so that i eat two at the most!
(the old me would have eaten about 4. or 6. at a time.)

(i used ground chicken)

this may be my fave... i make it at least once a week!

sweet pototo with piccadillo and cheese... 

(and guess what? I still love food...)
i will share more as i find more favorites!!

1 comment:

Rorie Linford said...

You are awesome. :) And I would totally eat 4 or 6 of those baked cheese sticks. Or even the fried ones. (Yeah, it's a work in progress.)
Those recipes sound good, I'll have to try them out. :)

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