we found a few garage sales while out running errands this morning.
garage sale season has begun.
oh i love garage sales. for so many reasons.
here is $16.75 worth of reasons.
 brand new unopened rockem sockem robots.
chutes and ladders.
2 DVDs (disney's eight below, and dodge ball).
3 hardback kids books.
3 coloring books (2 brand new).
1 long sleeve shirt for lilly (children's place).
2 short sleeve shirts for lilly.
1 tank top for lilly.
2 pairs of girl boxers for lilly.
1 justice outfit for lilly. (shirt and capris)
3 long sleeve shirts for cohen.
1 set of PJs for cohen.
2 short sleeve shirts for cohen.
1 pair of sport shorts for cohen.
1 GAP windbreaker/jacket for cohen.
golf tie for cohen.
2 pairs of build-a-bear boxers.
1 pair of build-a-bear unders.
and here are my happy little helpers with all the loot :)


arminda said...

Seriously, when do I get to go garage sale-ing with you? ;)

Mary said...

I need some garage sale deals for these expensive girls soon : )Maybe when school is out!

Swedish Mama said...

Good haul. Cohen seems very pleased.

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